to posthole, a verb

Here's the picture: 
I'm knee deep in fresh powder, softly giggling to myself as I think about my new vocabulary: postholing.
It’s December, and I’m in California.
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
With 10 others, many I've just met.
Welcome to the Outdoor Industry.
One of those "Wait, is this really happening?" scenarios with a mix of "Wowza, I’m actually really loving every second of this."

Let’s back up a bit: This trip was secret, planned by 2 outstanding humans so 8 of their friends could meet and have a carefree adventure together. It's almost too good to be true.

A text message asked me to arrive at the airport at 5:45 Friday morning, where I sheepishly told the ticketing agent that I didn't know where I was going. Once the initial shock left her face, she realized how ridiculously fun this was, and happily let me know I was going to San Francisco.

Fast forward to a snowy drive from SFO to Truckee where we planned to hike 8 miles of the PCT to a hut. Intimidating for a girl who bought her hiking boots only a year ago, yet I also felt thrilled like a child on Christmas Eve. 

Being part of the outdoor industry was a byproduct of my marketing job at MiiR. I didn't come in almost 2 years ago thinking I'd trade my love of GAP button up shirts and soy lattes, for a love of Patagonia Gortex jackets and an aeropress. Nor did I think I would make adventurous friends who would teach what postholing is. 

No, I joined to be part of a company empowering others through life changing resources of water and bikes. The outdoor industry community, and the sense of adventure, has proven to compliment the social mission of empowerment better than I could have predicted. 

When we finally arrived at the snowy Benson Hut on the PTC, I had an overwhelming scene of gratitude. How rich it is working toward a goal you believe in, with people passionate about living a better story, inspiring others to do the same, and engrained with a deep desire to share in it together.

So cheers to just saying yes and ending up knee deep in snow!