untainted space

'I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.'
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat. Pray. Love.

I'm in the process of creating space. Small chunks of time untainted by notions of how I should fill them. Space where time is its own author. 

This came into focus during a spontaneous, less-than-a-week-in-advance, cash-in-airline-miles type trip to Joshua Tree last November. Time was given permission to author something beautiful. Uncovering a vastness deeper than physical smallness as we jumped boulder to boulder, with the sun as our clock, and mounds as our spatial markers.

A childlike curiosity to roam freely and rather aimlessly was sparked. Curiosity lacking rules and “I should know betters”; lacking schedules and insecurities of how others perceive you. A curiosity I didn’t realize that I missed, that I was craving. In its space, I'd placed boundaries and societal expectations and fears of failing. I didn’t let that space breathe and flourish. So now I’m carving out that space.

I’ve stood by mountains, paddled through seas, and climbed on rocks; boundless spaces where I am physically small. But this is a shift to mental, emotional, often spiritual smallness. It’s a refreshing and terrifying perspective, one that welcomes 'yet-to-come surprises.'

The space starts small. An hour a week. And It’s working. My world is getting more curious by the minute.

 This snap: Greg Balkin

This snap: Greg Balkin

analog diaries: lake wenatchee + lake cushman

Film: a steady stream of life lessons. Imperfect light made beautiful, blurred faces telling stories too joyful to be contained in stillness, and colors tugging at your nostalgia. My first go of film was exploring 2 breathtaking Washington lakes: Wenatchee and Cushman. Just a weekend apart, the scenery gives you a taste of the diverse wonderment awaiting in the beautiful PNW.